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Indicators of the external public and private debt on short, medium and long term provide a snapshot of indebtedness of the country and are the most researched domain in the literature, including national and international financial bodies, which adopt a series of classification criteria of countries in terms of size and dynamics of external debt.

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In this study, we intend to make an analysis of the volume, dynamics and structure of the current Romania's foreign debt, showing the challenges for national economic policies, present and perspective, the internal and external vulnerabilities and ways of approaching the external debt sustainability.

Until recently, Romania was considered a country with a low external debt. Currently, the situation has changed, meaning that this debt, somewhat neglected in the early transition period 1 has become a serious threat to present and future sustainability of economic development in Romania.

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In general, external debt concerns financial and economic interests of all parties especially creditors and debtors, by the formula "win-win", so that, currently, some countries have surplus of balance of payments, usually the most developed and economically healthy, while others have deficits that, in extreme situations, can lead to inability to pay the debt, which means tough measures and policies, especially for the living standards of many generations of taxpayers.

Chapter 1. Features of the volume, structure and dynamics of Romania's foreign debt Romanian cooperation with international financial institutions is not recent.

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Duringtotal external debt of Romania increased from In other words, there was an increase of about 3. Zaman,Datoria externă obsesia de care nu scăpăm External debt- the obsession we cannot escape fromCapitalul The CapitalJune 26, pg. Figure no.

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Institutional structure of the total external debt by type of institutions in Data in Table no. As for the fact that private sector is the one with the highest level of external indebtedness we shall note that there have been opinions stating that the private economic agents are free to contract external debt, as much as they can or will.

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This is therefore the first challenge in terms of complexity of the relation between 13 public and private external debt that requires further examining, taking into account the quasi-symbiotic coexistence of the two types of debt, and that neither the state nor the private firms can be indifferent to bankruptcy or insolvency, both of one and of the others, due to the acknowledged or disregarded, assumed or denied, relational context of the public-private, public-public and private-private partnerships.

This challenge forces us to rather a rejection of the destructive competition, the market promoted by some experts and to better cooperation and solidarity.

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Another conclusion that can be drawn from the effects of crisis and not only is that neither the private sector nor the claude leoni swiss anti aging one are claude leoni swiss anti aging from the developments of the "business cycle", of recessions and crises, no matter how much they would advocate one or the other.

For this reason, the use of strategic positive sum games formula such as "winwin" seems to be the wisest solution. In other words, a medium and long term growth of external debt, faster than of GDP, generates doubts about the efficiency of claude leoni swiss anti aging use of the borrowed money.

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Not vainly does the phrase "live a life on debt" have negative connotations. If in isolated cases it may be a way to "get through", even to be able to live, at the societal level such a generalization can only have negative effects, which, whether we admit it or not, practice, reality induce into us sooner or later.

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In connection with this aspect of the correlation of GDP and external debt, we want to mention that there are experts who believe that having a large foreign debt is as a sign of credibility, internally or externally, and to make efforts to pay foreign debt would be a "big mistake". In support of such easoning is brought, in my opinion totally unconvincingly, claude leoni swiss anti aging case of periodic exemptions from external debt of heavily indebted developing or underdeveloped countries that enter default as well as deleting the external debt of the central European countries that have turned from a controlled, centralized economy to a competitive market economy.

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These examples cannot be considered other than exceptions, rare cases, which strengthen the rule of preserving the ability to pay, of solvency, based on loans designed, managed and reimbursed Therefore, I think that depending on the level and characteristics of the economic and social development of each country, there are optimal or sustainable external and domestic debt levels, on different time horizons, which only the complex, multidisciplinary approaches of teams of professionals can quantify and substantiate.

In conclusion, it can be said that the weight of the total external debt or of its individual components in GDP, is rather determined by taking into account the complex internal and external factors acting in a national economy and not necessarily the systems of standard indicators or criteria, more or less stable over time and established by various bodies and specialists.

This does not mean one should neglect the standard criteria and benchmarks, but on the contrary, to see how adequate they are in each peculiar case. Even the 14 applicability, the operational character, the convergence and adherence criteria of EMU have raised numerous objections not only of theoretical and methodological nature but mainly practical. The evolution of external debt of Romania on quarters and quarter 1, In the last five quarters, the year and quarterRomania's total gross external debt increased continuously Table no.

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The largest increases were reported for longterm debt of the government and the banks, respectively 1. Table no.

Classica Et Christiana 7-1 2012

Monetary Authority 7 ,5 7 ,7 9 ,5 9 ,6 9 ,1 Short-term 57,0 79,0 48,0 22,0 6,0 Loans 0,0 0,0 0,0 0,0 0,0 Cash and deposits 57,0 79,0 48,0 22,0 6,0 Long-term 7 ,5 7 ,7 8 ,5 9 ,6 9 ,1 Bonds 0,0 0,0 0,0 0,0 0,0 Loans claude leoni swiss anti aging ,5 7 ,7 8 ,5 9 ,6 9 ,1 3.

Banks 21 ,2 21 ,3 21 ,0 22 ,6 22 ,9 Short-term 6 ,0 6 ,0 6 ,0 7 ,0 6 ,0 Loans ,0 ,0 ,0 1 ,0 1 ,0 Cash and deposits 6 ,0 5 ,0 5 ,0 5 ,0 4 ,0 Other liabilities ,0 ,0 30,0 47,0 44,0 Long-term 15 ,2 14 ,3 15 ,0 15 ,6 ,9 Bonds ,7 ,2 ,3 ,8 ,0 Loans ,9 7 ,9 7 ,7 7 ,1 7 ,8 Other liabilities 7 ,6 7 ,2 7 ,0 8 ,7 8 ,1 4.

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Other sectors 25 ,0 26 ,0 25 ,9 24 ,0 24 ,0 Short-term 4 ,0 5 ,0 4 ,0 4 ,0 4 ,0 Money market instruments 2,0 2,0 15,0 41,0 ,0 Loans 3 ,0 3 ,0 3 ,0 2 ,0 3 ,0 Trade credits 1 ,0 1 ,0 1 ,0 1 ,0 1 ,0 Other liabilities 0,0 4,0 2,0 0,0 0,0 Long-term 20 ,0 21 ,0 20 ,9 20 ,0 19 ,0 Loans 20 ,5 20 ,3 20 ,9 19 ,6 19 ,1 Trade credits ,5 ,7 ,0 ,4 74,9 II.

The balance of chronic deficit of the balance of payments of Romania is another synthetic indicator relevant to the health of the economy and hence of the sustainability of external debt see Table no. The higher the current account deficit, the more difficult the financing problems.

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It is noted that compared to the first quarter ofin the first quarter of Romania saw a favourable trend to reduce the size of the current account deficit. What is important to note is that, except for component C - Current transfers - that has a growing surplus in quarter I. In the claude leoni swiss anti aging quarter of the current account of the balance of payments showed a deficit of million euros, down by Goods and services 9 10 -1 12 13 a.

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Goods export FOB - 7 9 -1 11 11 b. Services 1 1 1 1 - transport - tourism - travel - other services B. Income C. Current transfers.