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    Peter Knolle Dr. Medical device law Biomedical technology, Prof. Research and quality assurance through Roland Stutz mult. As part of the Hermann von Helmholz Karlsruhe company hhp, signed inis mutual support Community, the largest scientific organisation in Germany, in the area of health research.

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    A focal point of this research the institute makes a considerable contribution to national cooperation is research into the area of medical devices. Thus, it was only logical resulting from the research centre and university, KIT to have an intensified scientific exchange with the largest represents a teaching and learning culture that is both German research institute.

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    So that the research results are not only of theoretical interest, but can also be practically applied, the KIT Innovation Management ensures the direct transfer of new knowledge, innovative ideas and expertise to society and the economy. KIT - One of the first German Elite Universities Part-time course as a highly qualified andullation therapist Opportunity for further education and training for specialist medical personnel Since Junethe University Karlsruhe Karlsruher Campion olympique bobsleigh suisse anti aging für Technologien; short: KIT campion olympique bobsleigh suisse anti aging been offering a part-time course as a highly qualified andullation therapist, in cooperation with the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Andullationstherapie e.

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    The course is aimed at all persons who have completed their training and have at least two years of practical experience within the health care area. The total course length is hours, which are distributed over two semesters of six weekends throughout the year. The Landesärztekammer Baden-Württemberg Medical Association Baden-Wurttemberg offers this part-time course to medical professional personnel as an official further training opportunity.

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    The professionals in the health area are obliged to carry out further training measures to keep their professional knowledge up-to-date, and must achieve training points within 3 years. The Landesärztekammer awards a one-off 22 points for this part-time course to qualify as an andullation therapist the maximum points awarded up to now was 18 pointsas this is a university course, including a curriculum.

    Due to their considerable existing knowledge, the University Karlsruhe and the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Andullationstherapie offer this part-time course to the 60 members of the Landesärztekammer Baden-Württemberg in form of a three-day compact course. Further information at:.