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The phenomenon can be explained by the presence of some factors whose cumulative effects contribute. This explains why almost half of the studied territory is suitable to fruit trees cultivation.

Irimuş, I. Tehnici de cartografiere, monitoring şi analiza GIS. Mac, I. Morariu, T. Academiei, Bucureşti.

Pop, Gr. Presa Universitară Clujeană, Cluj - Napoca. Savu, Al. Sorocovschi, V. Academiei Republicii Socialiste România, Bucureşti. The Oaş Mountains, part of their Northern group, represent a very complex geologic and geomorphologic area, with a polycyclic magmatism, with a large variety of volcanic structures intrusive bodies, effusive volcanic forms with central eruption, volcanic cupolas, isolated volcanic bodies, plateaus, calderas etc.

The geomorphologic environmental states display on a large specter: temporality states relicts, trace gps vtt suisse anti aging, actual, of aggradation etc.

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Keywords: environmental geomorphology, palimpsestic character, increased sensitivity, induced dysfunctions. The Oaş Mountains present a palimpsestic character within which the volcanic structures and forms reveal successions of morphostructures on different evolution stages, with increased sensitivity induced by the mass and energy inputs into the system polycyclic volcanism, marginal subsidences, pluvio-denudational, fluvial or human-induced stress.

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The specific nature of the structural and functional relations between the different involved elements volcanic — sedimentary, permeabil — impermeabil, biotic — abiotic, natural — artificial determined an increase in vulnerability. The development of a human-made environment mining, agricultural, habitational is a constant within the Oaş Mountains geographic landscape. Within the Northern group of the Eastern Carpathians, the morphostructural volcanic unit includes three distinct subdivisions: Oaş Mountains, Gutâi Massif and Toroiaga-łibleş Mountains.

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MAC, N. Towards West and Southwest, because of the interference of the volcanic structures with the Western Plain sedimentary ones, the bounder follows a sinuous course along, the hummocks and the volcanic ridges alternating with gulf depressions.

However, the line linking the localities Seini, Medieş-Vii, Turlung-Vii şi Halmeu-Vii may be considered as the limit between the two tectono-structural units.

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The volcanic structures cover around km 2among which 97 km 2 represent lava flows, 41 km 2 rooted bodies and 40 km 2 pyroclastic accumulations. HODOR, MARIA HOSU f low altitude maximum m in Piatra Vişcului peak and minimum m at the contact with Someş Plain ; g increased geomorphologic complexity due to the geologic background features; h aggressive modeling through differential erosion, fostered by the structural and petrographic variations; i closeness to the regional base level Tisa Valley that encouraged an accelerated regressive erosion; j the possible development of the modeling processes on more temporal phases, if considering the Mio-pliocene age of this trace gps vtt suisse anti aging unit; k the significant human impact upon the natural components.

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Mac, A state is defined as a way in which a system develops in time and space under the impulse or motion of input and output variables. In the case of the Oaş environmental volcanic system, the environmental states compose a large specter, a differentiation being possible on criteria as location, geologic-geomorphologic features and, in subsidiary, hydro-atmospheric factors and the biotic component especially the phytomass.

The most explicit example in this respect is provided by the glacises developed at the base of the volcanic structures.


Although they are intermediate landforms between the volcanic structures cones, plateaus etc. At least two accumulation series with eterogene petrographic structure were identified, probably corresponding to two morphoclimatic cycles Pliocene — Pleistocene and Holocene.

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If considering the longitudinal profile between the volcanic structures and the river channels, more structural sequences can be distinguished: proximate rough deluvial deposits, made especially of debris; composite diluvia debris and fine materials ; terminal diluvia, made of fine materials only loam-sandy. The evolution of these forms is ascendant and they continuously grow against the structural slopes.

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Critical Environmental States Critical states got successively in, being determined by the conflicting geomorphologic rapports. Some environmental areas are extremely explicit: TurŃ mining area, Certeze-Huta extraction pits, Călineşti limnic area. Within the context of the geospatial conflicts between the geomorphologic system and the external factors natural or socio-economic interventionsfragility states have set in.

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