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Luma cosmetics swiss anti aging. Ai fost blocat(ă) temporar

So far I have no excuse, I'm enjoying this product.

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None of the other 3 worked and I just received this today. I have been using this product for a very long time before this incident.

luma cosmetics swiss anti aging măști naturale anti-îmbătrânire pentru piele

While inserting one of the attachments adverse causing a shard of glass to go shooting through my hand and almost break through to the other side. On the way it hit part of an artery and caused nerve damage. The device was not plugged in and I have always been very gentle with inserting the attachments. I just want everyone to make sure this does not happen to them as well.


In the image above you can see the shard of glass in between my luma cosmetics swiss anti aging. It was a very painful and traumatic injury.


Broke in my hand when changing the tip! I needed to get stitches! Only 5 minutes every day is all you need for amazing skin. It has noticeable results after first use especially when paired with Peter Thomas Roth Cucumber Gel Mask not sponsored I swear I just love it so much!!

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I started using after getting advice from an amazing master esthetician and my skin has transformed so much! No more or you could damage your skin.

luma cosmetics swiss anti aging masca cu colagen pentru ochi

I use mine on the and I always use it with the cucumber mask as mentioned above! I swear it will change your skins life!! I love it so much I bought 2!

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One for my own home and one to use on my clients. They all love it and see results quickly.

luma cosmetics swiss anti aging igiena imbracamintei

Everyone requests this little bad boy now at every visit!! It does nothing. Another gadget to bilk women out of money. Feeling hopeful!

luma cosmetics swiss anti aging cea mai buna crema cu acid hialuronic